Batch Mixer 100bbl 1
Batch Mixer 100bbl 1
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Product description

This trailer mounted cementing batch mixer unit delivers homogeneous slurry mixtures

This unit is powered with a Caterpillar C9 electronically controlled diesel engine with 300 Bhp or optionally a Detroit diesel 6V92T. The unit power pack contains the engine, Funk gear pump driving the two Parker Denison double hydraulic pumps, hydraulic tank, diesel tank, air tank, and radiators.

This unit contains two hydraulically driven centrifugal pumps as well as one hydraulically driven agitator per tank for mechanical mixing in addition to all the necessary piping for jet mixing as well as independently recirculating the mixtures. It includes piping for cement feeding the tanks directly into the jet mixing system for better mixing from a convenient location the bottom of the unit, in addition to an auxiliary hopper.

Each cylindrical tank holds 70BBL for a total of 140BBL mixing capacity. The Agitators are of a five paddle design and are each driven by a high torque hydraulic motor.

The centrifugal pumps are Double life (USA) 6 x 5 x 11 and are interchangeable with Mission c-pumps.

There is a operator platform at an elevated position between the two mixing tanks. The platform has a retractable roof to protect the operator from the sun. The control panel provides controls for the engine, agitators speed, and centrifugal pumps speed. Additionally the piping layout is engraved on the stainless steel plate of the control panel with pneumatic controls for the butterfly valve actuators.

The trailer can be order as per our client requireemnts.

Product details

Trailer mounted 140 bbl batch mixer

  • Trailer: 2 axeles, 315R 22.5Rims.
  • Deck engine: Detroit diesel 6V92 275 HHP, Caterpillar C9 300HHP.
  • Power-pack.
  • 140BBL