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5000 USG Transport Tank

5000 USG Transport tank

5000 USG Acid transport tank. The tank can be used to transport acid or other substances in the filled state.

500 BBL Acid Frac Tank

500 BBL Acid Frac Tank

500 BBL Frac Tank: 500 BBL Frac tank capacity For use of storage of acids in the frac tank.

Oilfield Piping

Oilfield piping

Oilfield piping systems for fire fighting operations. Oilfield Fire fighting system for Kuwait oil company inclusive of Skid base and…

Power Pack

Power pack

Diesel powered hydraulic power packs built to suit various needs and available with different engines and pumps.

Transfer Centrifugal Pumps

Transfer Centrifugal pumps

Transfer C-pumps for fluid movement in oil field operations. High reliability with Deutz, Caterpillar or Cummins engines. Available in standard…

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