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10 x 12 Acid C-pump
10 x 12 Acid C-pump
Acid Centrifugal pump 10 x 12
10 x 12 Acid C-pumpAcid Centrifugal pump 10 x 12

Product description

Transfer C-pumps 10x12x23 for large amounts of fluid pumping in oil field operations. High reliability with Deutz, Caterpillar or Cummins engines.

Available in standard configuration or with Derakane epoxy vinyl ester coating and PTFE valves for use in acidic environments.

Project Details

Skid Transfer Centrifugal pump 10x12x23

  • Skid L x W x H = 6.0m x 2.2m x 1.7m
  • Weight: 5000-6000Kg.
  • Engine: Caterpillar C9, Cummins, etc
  • PTO clutch: Hand lever operated made in USA.
  • Control panel
  • Centrifugal pump: NOV / MCM 10x12x23, Gardner Denver, Mission Magnum.
  • Diesel tank with sight gauge
  • Multiple 4″suction and multiple 4″discharge Fig 207 connections on the 10inch and 12 inch pipes with optional larger flanged connections
  • 10-20 butterfly valves hand operated depending on client requierements
  • Optional: Derakane 411.45 lining for acid environments.
  • Optional: PTFE butterfly valves for acidic environment.
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