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Twin pumping unit acid
Twin pumping unit acid
Cabin of twin pump unit
Trailer mounted twin pump unit
Twin acid pumping unit Oilfield well services
Twin pumping unit acidCabin of twin pump unitTrailer mounted twin pump unitTwin acid pumping unit Oilfield well services

Product description

Our well service twin pumping equipment is custom designed and built according to our customers specifications and tailored to suit the local markets of our customers.

This twin pumper can be specified with different engines, transmissions and pumps. Additionally it can be had in different configurations such as trailer, skid or truck mounted.

Additional options are:

Air conditioned operator cabin

Sound proof enclosure of the engines.

Derakane coating of the pipes for HCL acid operations

Our design advantages:

  • High durability components to withstand harsh operational loads and minimise failure rates.
  • Ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • Ease of maintenance and disassemble of components.
  • Ease of operation with clearly laid out control panels and operation procedures.

Project Details

Trailer mounted well services twin pump unit

  • Trailer: 2 axeles, 315R 22.5Rims.
  • Deck engine: 2 x Detroit Diesel series 60 575-630 bhp.
  • Transmission: Allison 4700 OFS.
  • Control panel with data acquisition equipment, recording system.
  • Triplex pump: 2 X SPM TWS600S, Gardner Denver GD-Compact, GD-600
  • Centrifugal pump: Garden Denver 6″x5″ , Double life 6″ x 5″
  • Fluid and air tank: hydraulic and air tanks
  • High pressure Fig 1502 piping
  • Low pressure piping
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