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Shut-Off Valve

Mechanical Shut-off Valve Automatically engaged mechanical shut-off valve for use in preventing engine overspeed/run-away. Engine air intake is suppressed after…

Atex Zone II Buttons

ATEX Buttons

ATEX Certified Buttons Buttons for use in machines/units operating in potentially explosive atmospheres. Examples include double/single pole battery breaker, ignition…

ATEX Flame Arrestor

Flame Arrestor

ATEX Certified Flame Arrestor Intended for use with internal combustion engines - typically mounted on the inlet air system and…

Atex Zone II Alternator


An alternator certified for use in Zone II environments. The Alternator is enclosed in a housing that is cast of…

ATEX Cable Gland

Cable Glands

ATEX Certified Cable Glands for Zone 1, Zone 2: The ATEX Cable Gland is a custom-manufactured connector, used to connect…

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